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Squarea Roll Call

Thank you for sponsoring a Squarea. This will help in ensuring that everyone can continue to enjoy the Gardens for years to come.

The Woodland - We've all supported Squarea
Wander through this 100 year old wood listening to the wind in the trees and enjoying the wildlife
David Crawshaw
Jon Wyatt
Matthew Peterson
John Shepley
Mark Radcliffe
Martin Banks
Nick & Helen Moule
Pauline Whalley
Colin Harding
Katy Cooper
Ben Speed
Joseph Tarkowski
Phil Shadbond
Tony & Dorothy Bromley
Rachel Charmers
Daniel Ladd
Barry Southern
Richard, Anne & Rachel Cousen
Hardy Family
Janet Harrison
Daniel Rennox
Mick & Julie Woods
Bethan Downing
Assured Life Advisers
Scott Garwell Esq
Elsa Newton
Carol Bradley
Pam Moore
Alison Galbraith
Jake Dickinson
Kate Leach
Lillian Johnston
Anne Berry
Josephine, Myles & Hazel Derbyshire
Sue Chapman
Fiona Fahlin
Helen Hill
Kelly Hartigan
Mo & Chris
Chris, Claire & Elliot Taylor
Ann Walkden
Les & Elaine Birchall
Andreassen Family
Elaine Hewitt
Jacqueline Anne Keefe
Rigby Family
Gemma Marshall
Mark Scott
Leonie & Andy @ The Pike Snack Shack
Michael Hollick
Larry & Jan Jenkinson
Helen Calderbank
Phil, Pam, Andrew, Chris & Jo Wood
Donna Karen
Janet Rawle
East Lancs Long Distance Walkers Assoc
Fred Mason
Charles & Beryl Cooper
Jozsef Kancsar & Justyna Sasin
Daryl Birch
Chris, Krissy & Arthur Harrison
Matthew Clarke
Katherine & Kevin Newall
John & Suzanne Madden
Nick Tracey
Susan & Ian Foster
Carolyn Breen
Anthony Coppens
Spittlehouse Family
Emma Howard
Gilly Rice
Catherine Hodson
Melissa Robertson
Norma Hibbert
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