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Squarea Roll Call

Thank you for sponsoring a Squarea. This will help in ensuring that everyone can continue to enjoy the Gardens for years to come.

The Lawns - We've all supported Squarea
Amble through these open spaces imagining the past crowds and the orchestras that used to perform here
Support our Squarea Campaign - Find out more
The Little Tea Room at Higher Derbyshires
Marilyn Jackson
Joan Mary Vaughan
Jayne Turner
Susan Harding
Mark Radcliffe
Bobby Davenport
Petra Fehn
Phil Holden
Philthy & Lorraine Miller
Mark Bradley
Bob & Pam
Willow Dickinson
Megan Scott
Jane Murphy
Brian Sweeney
Leonie & Andy @The Pike Snack Shack
Julie Oldham
Sylvia & Ian Gregory, Elise Broderick
Ralston Whittaker
Jane & Steve Byford
Abigail Cooper
East Lancs Long Distance Walkers Assoc
Eric Kent
James Thomas Eastham Russell
Andrew Anson
Keith Downham
Sylvia Francis
Gary Wade
Derek & Christine Cross
Gallagher Family - In memory of George Gallagher
Liz Beaver
Family Smith
Hattie Amelia Bramwell Singleton
Fay Perry
Gareth & Andrea
Digicomm Tom
Graham Gough
Julie Branwell
Michael Roach
Jason Kaye
The Berry Family
Thomas Hindle
Laurence Brewer
Maureen Ashworth
Richard Patrick Duffy