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Squarea Roll Call

Thank you for sponsoring a Squarea. This will help in ensuring that everyone can continue to enjoy the Gardens for years to come.

Japanese Gardens - We've all supported Squarea
Meridith Peterson
Lisa Mouncey
Hearsey Family
Galloway Family
John Dawson
Nick & Marie Price
Peter Marshall
Sammy Winward
Stephen Shore
Alan Parkinson
Katy Fairclough
Jayne & Kayley
Jacob Stevenson
Joel Stevenson
Lucas Stevenson
Helen Logan
Lubomyr Mazur
Phil Owen
Stephen Atherton
Clive Swindells
Roy & Pam Jackson
Marie Pendlebury
Graham Gough
Julie Bramwell
Jons Fish Bar
Graham Stamford
Grandkids of Sackgasse
Susan Worthington
Barbara Williams
Michelle France
Rachel Burns
Emily McArthur
Kirsty Heaton
Anthony & Beverley Lowe
Vikas Pai & Associates Ltd
Maureen Price
Edel Hargadon
Kenny Carr
Stephen John Kaye
Debbie Brownlow
Brian Hall
Steven Scott
Peter Bowes
Barrie & Kath Taylor
Sharon Howard & Nicky Fielding
Jeremy Clayden
Beathan Hopkins
Shelley Parkinson
Kerry Crompton
Betty Ainsworth
Andy Beardwood
Lynn Beardwood
Andrew Davenport
Sam Davenport
Emma Williams
Louise Masters
Cathy & Dave Belford
Hayley Jane Brierely
Mick & Julie Woods
Molloy Family
Simon Sherlock
Rachel Burke & Christopher Brain
Brenda Dewhurst
Tom Powell
Kenneth Carr
Melane Dixon
Irene Clark
The Rivington - Neil & Rachel
The Rivington - Natalie, Louise, Jordan & little Sophia
Grubs Boots Ltd
Robin McLoughlin & Emma Smith
Geoff Leigh
Ruth Madley
J. Dickinson & Sons
Sharon Edwards Norman's
Evelyn & Alistair Fletcher
Jo Kelly
Dee Brooks
Jane Alison Brindle
Gareth Judge
Mark Winters
Gerard & Angela Sullivan
Andrew Whitfield
Cynthia Pearcy
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